Gameplay – Jobs Overview

You earn money in FPS by taking various jobs/missions. Some jobs are randomly generated by the FPS game economy, while others are scripted to appear when triggered by in-game events. With good flight planning, you can mix and match these jobs to create complex trade routes. Random Missions (Cargo) Most Bases produce and also need […]

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Settings – Controls

Control configuration in FPS is currently a little complicated, but it’s powerful. Assigning Controls Hardware Config and SelectionControl Set SelectionMappingsControl Mode Shifting (advanced function) Hardware Config and Selection Here you detect any attached gaming hardware (joysticks, controller, throttle, etc.), calibrate them, and configure their axes. Controller — “Calibrate” allows you to define what the hardware actually […]

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Game – Tips and Tricks

Main and Testing Profile Create two profiles. Configure the controls the same for both. (Yes, that’s a pain but it’s worth it later.) Use one profile for your main story playthrough. Use the other for all your flight self-training. Whenever the Razar devs release an update, be sure to try out the update in your […]

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Interface – Map and Trade

The Map interface is where you find cargo and passengers to haul. You can flip the Map interface between two different modes, “Trade” and “Contacts.” The “Trade” mode is shown below: 1. Map Services – Switches the display between Map/Trade mode and Contacts mode, and allows calling of a Service Drone.2. Base Filters – Filters the display of Bases […]

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Flight – Basic Maneuvers

Ground Movement (Taxiing) You will often need to move your aircraft on the ground, for example to pick up some Passengers. Steering while taxiing is done with the Roll axis on your controller. Move forward gently using short bursts of your Translate forward control (“Forward/backward without pitch for VTOL” in Settings – Controls). Keep your speed […]

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Flight – Instruments

Camera The most important flight instrument is the “Mark 1 Eyeball,” or just moving your head without having to turn your aircraft. Open up the Settings – Controls, look under the “Actions” control selector, and map “Horizontal Camera Rotation,” “Vertical Camera Rotation,” and “Reset Camera Location” to convenient functions on your controller. If you are short […]

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