Frontier pilots simulator is a environment centered single player vehicle sim combining skill-based flying system with a story-driven economic progression system. Your piloting expertise will be constantly challenged by the world while it unfolds before you. Each contract has multiple routes and players will be the ones to decide what kind of experience they get.

Dive into the flight you never seen before! Using the proprietary physics rules developed in-house you can experience piloting a heavy cargo ship as hardcore as you like it! Use your keyboard or controller and take on an atmosphere unknown.

The world of opportunity lies before you. As a new colony, Raglor has a differentiated supply system – central base, manned and unmanned outposts along with security and colony settlements create a live economy with shifting prices and consumer demand. Pay attention and you’ll be getting that bigger freighter in no time!

Humans have just found this planet. But were they first? What secrets lie within the depths of this Jewel of the mining industry? Are you a passing by cargo pilot, or will you play a role in the greatest undertakings of the humankind to date? This brave new world will test all that you’ve got.


Cargo Ships (CargoLiner)

Cargo Ships (CargoLiner) are giant interstellar vessels carrying passengers and cargo between colonies. Cargo Ships (CargoLiner) – are a source of rare upgrades and uniquely valuable products. However, there is a problem – you will first need to find a cargo ship, catch up with it if you have enough speed and fuel, then land […]

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BALLENA –  the cargo ship with the third largest carrying capacity, and it’s also the ship that will appear on the startup screen when you run the game. What do the various stats influence? Cargo: the size of the ship’s body. The higher it is, the heavier the goods you can transport Weight: the ship’s […]

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Working on the game universe. It is time to surprise and radically change the gaming experience. This time we made a global flood. Now it’s not a desert planet with mountains, now it is a rocky ocean. The water looks so pretty, that we are amazed by the feeling of the game. Adding water is […]

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What is it?

“Frontier Pilot Simulator” is just what it sounds like. It is a PC video game about a cargo pilot making his way into a new colony. But is he there to stay? With the “Mid-core” flight system you can relax and enjoy flying through the atmosphere or grab your controller and give it hell with the adjusting throttle and different flight modes, heavily relying on upgrades to really test your piloting skills in a hostile environment.

When is it coming out?

With a BETA test scheduled in June, a full First Chapter will be released Fall 2017. We are coming into the beta with a strong understanding of critically important parts of our game, so after that we’ll have to tweak it here and there and finish up the content expansion.

What is First chapter?

Being an independent team, we’ve decided to focus on doing the best with what we can. Play time is important, but quality gameplay mechanics is where it’s at. “First Chapter” is a kick-off to the game. It has a self-contained plot and can be completed in a relatively short time. But if you explore the world and find your own routes – we promise it will take you a while. And you’ll probably need a few new ships.

So are you planning to ask for microtransactions?

No, our distribution policy is strict per-installment basis. If the “First Chapter” is a received well and has a significant following, we’ll be able to expand on the content. It will be a separate purchase with still the same gameplay. More ships, more routes, more worlds and a bigger intrigue in the story.

What’s the core gameplay?

You know, we played all of it. All major titles in space sim industry. And it seems dull they are so combat-focused! So our team at Razar came together to deliver a real flight experience. You are obstructed by atmosphere, interplanetary traffic,security, faction issues and conditions of trade in the outer colony. We want this game to be a manifest to how good a flight can be when it’s not all about the time to kill your opponent.

Will there be multiplayer?

Not in this installment. We do have the plans and the baseline laid out for creating a multiplayer eco-system, but we’d rather khear it from the players. This feature is in the works and it’s up to you guys to make it happen!