Frontier pilot simulator is a slow-paced, thoughtful flight adventure with sharp controls and intriguing story set in a colony far-far away.

Our gang at Razar are big fans of everything space. However, every time we play a new game together, we notice something missing. And some of the more hardcore enthusiast among us finally pinpointed what it is.

While there are hundreds of games about space flight and combat, none of them seem to captivate the magic of exploration of an atmosphere unknown. You know, that feeling of flight and danger coming not from engaging enemy fighters at light-speed, but a world fighting back at you. The roaring of gigantic engines propelling you in a non-earth gravity and contamination conditions. Strange atmosphere occurrences and anomalies making you plot your way ahead, counting the amount of fuel in your tanks to get to the destination. A horizon never seen opening up in front of you, making you wonder what lies ahead.

We had a lot of fun trying to put it in the right shape, played around with a bunch of concepts and stories and finally came to a conclusion. What can be more viable for a new colony than logistics? Without proper shipping and supply delivery it all falls apart. That’s how we came up with the gameplay mechanics of “Frontier Pilot Simulator” – as a newcomer trader in a colony barely established you need to survive and prosper under the new sun!

And a new challenge was found: making trading fun again!

On the planetary surface you’ll be awaited by outposts and large bases, manned and unmanned, all requiring a personal approach to what goods they produce and require. That creates a fluid economy that rewards observing and timely action.

Of course, it would all be for nothing if you have nowhere to spend your hard-earned credits! Other traders, cargo convoys from out of the system and black market dealers will all be happy to help you dispose of them: upgrade your ship according to conditions and flight longetivity, and if you’re good at that, you just might get a new one sometime soon! At this time we have 3 ship types planned with tens of upgrade for each. All of them will drastically influence your playstyle, capabilities in game and the look of your ship.

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