Working on the game universe. It is time to surprise and radically change the gaming experience. This time we made a global flood. Now it’s not a desert planet with mountains, now it is a rocky ocean. The water looks so pretty, that we are amazed by the feeling of the game.

Adding water is only part of the work, now it’s time to give you interaction with water. Flying over the water will cause the change in the management of the flight, and the water will begin to foam due to air flow. Water is a strong element. If you get in the water, you’ll sink. Falling in water on a high speed – will break into smithereens. And even the slightest touch of the wing at high speed would break it. But using the right improvements, you will be able to alight on water.  We also create water objects. For example, we have created the water laboratory, we will explain more about it the next time. We also work on the cargo equipment that will pick cargo from water. Subscribe for more updates. See you soon.