Hi Pilots,


The day is almost here!

We are in final polishing stages of our demo build. It is a busy and exciting time here at Razar!

While we discussed the features, I think you guys would be interested to know that there is a few things we did not mention before:

  • Demo has some story elements
  • It will  provide some background for the main game
  • You will get to upgrade the ship
  • You will also get to destroy it a few times, I think
  • We’ve upped the visuals a bit, and hope you’ll love it!

On that note, there is something that you might see as weird: we will distribute the build through torrents.

Don’t get us wrong, we really wanted to gather a community of players interested in our game and an overwhelming number of you signed up. But in between the greenlight to direct switch and build distribution in Steam we decided to give you the best possible access experience we can come up with.

And hey, if you like it – you can share it with whoever will like it as well!

We will start the build distribution in the end of June-beginning of July in waves, so be sure to check our website and your e-mail!

For now, here are some tease screenshots!

Oh, and when you crush it, we don’t want you dying. So here’s your future-proof space life raft!

If you’re still not in the demo access team it’s you last chance now!