Pilots, rejoice!

We are good and ready to present you with the approximate Closed Alpha release window: end of June, 2017.

We’ve been hard at work and are very proud to present you with the current results and hear back from you!

Now, as far as Alpha’s go, it will have limited functionality and content volume. At this time, we are limiting the amount of content to one continent, a number of pre-set bases and tradeable goods as well as ship upgrades.

However, you will be able to experience the full set of physics rules that govern the flight within the atmosphere and encounter some of the threats we have in store for you, including the constant battle with the harsh winds of the planet Raglor.

It is our pleasure to welcome you in this newly founded colony for the first time, and we know you to be the best pilots for the task of giving feedback! On our end, we will make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible while gathering any crash or major error data we can.

All things considered, we expect the performance to be as good as can be expected, with a Full HD 60 FPS capabilities at a FX-4350, Radeon 7990 system at this point. We do know this might be not the lowest point, but there’s a lot of optimization to be done here.

For now, we will roll the beta out using our subscription database, so join in now to take part! You can leave your email here(link) and make sure to check your pormotions/spam folder for the key and redeem it until July 1st 2017!

Enter your email, Pilot!