Cargo Ships (CargoSpaceway) are giant interstellar vessels carrying passengers and cargo between colonies.

Cargo Ships (CargoSpaceway) – are a source of rare upgrades and uniquely valuable products.

However, there is a problem – you will first need to find a cargo ship, catch up with it if you have enough speed and fuel, then land your own ship on it. And ships like that constantly travel through the world and never stay at one location for long.

The design of the upper deck makes it possible to use it as a fully-operational runway for landing and take-off, just like a regular runway on an aircraft carrier. The aft has a hangar that you can use for repairs and installing upgrades. Also, just like any large base, it has a recovery zone.



Cargo Ships (CargoSpaceway) travel high above the ground in the top layers of the atmosphere, which complicates the task of reaching them.

The wind speed at such altitude is much higher than at the surface, with constant turbulences, sooth from volcanoes that jams and damages the engines, and bolts of lightning threatening the plane all the time.

It will be a lot of fun and very challenging